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Garden Birdwatch

The Club holds a Garden Birdwatch every January and has done so since 1998. Over the years valuable information on the status of garden birds within the Blackburn area has been analysed. The Garden Birdwatch takes place over the last weekend in January, to coincide with the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch.

Previous years top 10 birds are shown in the table below and the full results of the last 3 years are available to download below.

2023 Results

2022 Results

2021 Results

Blackbird by Jonathan Fry.

Blackbird at Barrow, by Jonathan Fry.

Top 10 Garden Birds

Bird Species at the top were the most numerous (no.1) and those at the bottom the least (no.10). For full results see the documents above.

Members and non members are welcome to take part. Here are the rules -

  • Record the maximum number of a bird of a particular species seen in the garden at the same time over an hour. So if you see two Robins at the same time record two Robins. If you see one Robin at one time and then see one Robin at another time you should record one Robin as it could be the same bird.

  • Only record birds using the garden, i.e do not record birds flying over (Sparrowhawk flying through the garden hunting is permitted).

  • The garden must be within the Club's Recording area.

Members will be contacted by a member of the Committee for results, but results can also be posted on our Facebook page.

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