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Bird Sightings

The Club has always recorded sightings of local birds, this helps us and more especially the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) keep a track of the fluctuations of bird populations, enabling the BTO to supply information to government agencies and bird conservation organisations, such as the RSPB, who then use this to implement strategies for bird conservation. Every bird record is important whether it be of your garden birds, common birds or rare birds. The Club has an agreement with East Lancashire Ornithologists Club (ELOC) to share records as our recording areas overlap. All records received for our Recording Area are used in our annual Bird Report.

How to record your bird sightings?

There are a number of ways you can record your bird sightings -

  • Download a Recording Form and send it by post or email.

  • Leave a comment with your sightings using the box below.

  • Report your sightings on our Facebook Page.

Whooper Swan by Jonathan Fry.

Whooper Swan at WWT Caerlaverock, by Jonathan Fry.

For each sighting please include the following information -

  • Species of bird seen, number seen and any other details like age or sex.

  • Date of sighting(s).

  • Location of sighting.

  • Observer name and contact details.

  • Anything else interesting about the sightings.

Recent Sightings

Have you seen any birds recently? If so we'd like to know what you've seen. Tell us what birds you've seen in your garden, in the woods, by the river, basically anywhere within the Club's recording area (see here). And don't forget to let us know if you've seen any interesting bird behaviour. Just comment below by entering your name and email or by using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account and don't forget to include date, location etc as detailed in the bullets above.

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